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2024 Legislative Bill

  • HB 1655 - Concerning provider contract compensation.

2023 Legislative Bills:

  • HB 1039 - Physical therapists performing intramuscular needling.
  • HB 1082 - Expanding opportunities for physical therapy and occupational therapy professionals to form professional service corporations
2022 Legislative Bill:
  • HB 1662 - Physical therapists performing intramuscular needling. No hearing so did not pass. We plan to reintroduce in 2023.

2020 Legislative Bills:
  • SB 5601/HB 1562 - Health benefit management (reintroduced and amended since 2019). Briefing paper. Passed
  • SB 5887 - Health carrier requirements for prior authorization legislation (reintroduced and amended since 2019). Briefing paper. Passed
  • HB 2482/SB 6407 - Amend spinal manipulation endorsement requirements to retain the supervisory language in effect through June 30, 2020. Briefing paper. No floor vote

2019 Legislative Bills:

HB 1260/SB 5642, Intramuscular Needling bill
HB 1562/SB 5601, Health Care Benefit Management bill
SB 5887 (no House companion bill), Health carrier requirements for prior authorization.

2018 Legislative Bills:

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